What sets Bridal Merchant Services apart from other service providers?

Bridal Merchant Services is a secure, fully integrated, international payments platform acting as processor, acquirer, and backend service partner. We are the end-to-end processor – there is no middle man or reseller involved. Our rates can't be beat since we take care of the entire payment processing operation from start to finish. 

Our customer focused, reliable, and cost efficient platform delivers a single point of integration that ensures the highest level of simplicity and security.

Gain access to our exclusive Payments Hub built for the bridal and formalwear industries

✔ View transactions live from your mobile device 
✔ Send invoices directly to customers 
✔ Process keyed transactions via the virtual terminal
✔ Export data to access via software like Quickbooks
✔ Statements and transaction data available from day one
✔ Multiple user IDs for your staff and management 
✔ Chargeback, fraud, and PCI protection built it

Join the Payments Hub!
Get the most up to date terminals and processing equipment - free of charge!

We are now proud to offer the WiFi terminal A920: 
✔ Cut the cord anywhere in the store you can capture your sale and print the receipt or off premise where there is WiFi 
✔ Long lasting battery pack.   
✔ Totally FREE as long as you process with BMS 
✔ No additional wireless fees, transaction fees or carrier contracts.

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